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This is a very, very partial list of former RT user handles. This list was created from research and memories from other users.

Primary handleother handlesSeen on RT2
Random   yes
Flea   not yet
SBE Sexy Brown Eyes no
Argent   yes
Arielle   yes
Armchair Thief   no
Bear   no
Bourbon Cowboy bc no
br blackrider no
Ces MrWeather yes
Cheshire Cat   no
Cinnamon   no
Clash   yes
Cosmos Cos yes
Dave Woz, Ford Prefect yes
Denny   no
Dusty   no
Eric 0 Trump   yes
Frash   no
Ghost host   no
Giraffe Field Engineer no
Grey Lady Moonpie no
Half Carbon-based Android flah yes
Hari Seldon   no
Honda   no
Insane   no
Leaftagus   no
Lil'Red   no
Liz   yes
Miroc   yes
Merlin   yes
Mr. Happy   no
Neva   yes
Phoenix   Yes
Popcorn   no
Reaper   no
Revert   no
Rocky Pneumonia   no
Sammy the Snake   no
Sarah   yes
Sasha   no
Shadow   no
Sprout   no
Lady Stardust   Yes
The Backstage Prankster tbp no
The Edge   no
Tiger Shark   no
Winterstorm Construct   yes
Wyvern   yes
Zombie   no
Zeta   yes