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Photos from various live social gatherings of RT users. Thanks to Neva and merlin for having saved these photos all these years!

(All images are clickable and open in a new window)

Dusty's Halloween Party 1986 - Clash, Neva Dusty's Halloween Party 1986 - Clash, Neva Liz's party 1986 or 7 - Sammy the Snake
Dusty's Halloween Party 1986 - 'costume' shirt: Who, Dusty, hat: Guido Liz's party - Eric 0 Trump Dusty's Halloween Party 1986 - Dusty's rear
Liz's party - Seabrook, TX - Eric 0 Trump, Neva Popcorn's party - Frash, rear sides of Revert and Leaftagus Popcorn's party - Mr. Happy, X-Ray, Ms. Lance
Popcorn's party - Mr. Happy, Sasha Giraffe and his wife Popcorn's party - Sprout
Popcorn's Party - Rocky Pneumonia Lou and Joyce Liz's house - Clash
Liz's house - Miroc Popcorn's party - Who, Wyvern. Note the Amiga on the desk. Liz's house - Greg
Popcorn's party - Insane Liz's party - Ces and Bear Eric 0 Trump and Android (flaH)
Insane and rear side of Popcorn.    
Clash Denny Randy
Steve-Phoenix-Dave Patrick Shawn
Randy and Dusty Liz Dusty
Eric 0 Trump Sprout Xray, Steve
Arielle Frash-Cerebus Edge
Steve, Leaftagus, Phoenix Leftagus, Phoenix Honda, Lil'Red
Vervet Vervet again Steve, Zaph, Bill The Cat, Eric 0 Trump
Flea and unknown party guest. merlin and Lumpy Sue. Sue and the guy again.
Classic 1960's floor Flea drinking coffee Angel (Argle) with two unnamed guys. Note the spools of yarn on the wall.
Angel (Argle) in blue, sitting in chair. Unknown RT people clustered around some classic computing hardware. Neva and Billy Pilgrim drinking apple juice


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