RT2 scrools

Since the beginning of RT2, I have saved a number of scrools that seemed to be of some significance at the time. They were either funny, of historical importance, or contained some other curiousity. The first line in each scrool is a comment that notes the date the data was captured and a one-line description of why the data was saved. The remainder of the scrools are 100% untouched with the exception of names or passwords which have been deleted or changed.

'Scrool' is the correct RT spelling for the term, and we use the same term today.

Description Date captured Link to file
Miroc bumped into Neva at the Senior Center 1-13-2007 rt2-scrool1.txt
Locating Guido and first spam to RT2 admin mailbox 1-17-2007 rt2-scrool2.txt
Merlin talks about Jimpen 1-17-2007 rt2-scrool3.txt
Some history of CC and Liz 1-18-2007 rt2-scrool4.txt
Sasha, RT parties and parents 1-18-2007 rt2-scrool5.txt
Liz's saucy no-cook lasagna that cooks in the oven 1-18-2007 rt2-scrool6.txt
Neva can't cook a lasagna in the dishwasher 1-18-2007 rt2-scrool7.txt
Clash to host RT2 while miroc moves 1-21-2007 rt2-scrool8.txt
Cat urine spot remover reccomendation 1-22-2007 rt2-scrool9.txt
RT2 hardware, Liz addded to RT2 staff, gets free account 1-26-2007 rt2-scrool10.txt
Guido talks about lawsuit, etc 2-6-2007 rt2-scrool30.txt
Discussion about cups and pant legs 2-12-2007 rt2-scrool31.txt
Liz's thongs 2-23-2007 rt2-scrool32.txt
Guido's first logon 1-28-2007 scrool20.txt
First chat with Guido 1-28-2007 scrool21.txt
Guido gives up emulation rights to RT 1-28-2007 scrool22.txt
Guido talks about the RT printed bills and the post office 1-28-2007 scrool23.txt
Guido reveals Jimpen has passed on 1-28-2007 scrool24.txt
Scrool monster, Bill the Cat, etc 1-28-2007 scrool25.txt
Someone named Tevia 2-6-2007 scrool26.txt
Neva on how clash/miroc thought Neva wasn't Neva 6-22-2007 scrool31.txt
DOS window, 'doesn't look like chat' 6-22-2007 scrool32.txt
ELO on 8-track 6-25-2007 scrool33.txt
Kaara spanks Neva for bad pun 6-29-2007 scrool34.txt
Never-before-seen word on RT2 6-29-2007 scrool35.txt
8 chatters at once 7/8/2007 scrool40.txt
Interact becomes Phoenix and ends up at Greg's house 7/10/2007 scrool42.txt
Bruce, Tiger Shark, Jay Lee, Dwight Silverman 7/10/2007 scrool44.txt
3 women at once 7/13/2007 scrool45.txt
Cosmos mentions he was one of the last 8 users on RT 7-27-2007 scrool47.txt
The kids thought Neva was 46 9-14-2007 scrool50.txt
modem trivia 9-14-2007 scrool51.txt
A new low! The scroll is a WEEK old 11-3-2007 scrool61.txt
The scrool is now officially a month old 11-29-2007 scrool63.txt
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